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ActiveCare Patient Testimonials

The excellence of our care speaks for itself…and through the great referrals we receive from our patients:

“I arrived at ActiveCare with my right knee in bad trouble and my left knee not that much better. I left four months later walking normally, running up and down stairs, and, in short, completely fixed. I’m very impressed and extremely grateful.”

Salman Rushdie

“Karena is a genius/magician/miracle worker when it comes to the human body. Truly impressive in all aspects of her field. She’s also warm and fun to be around, which really plays a part in the whole healing process. You’d be hard pressed to find a more talented PT in New York, or anywhere.”

Paulo Costanzo

“I came to ACPT after an 8 year struggle with neck pain. The first time I came to see Karena, I came in with my tail between my legs. I had to fly home from a work trip because my neck was so awful. Nothing helped – acupuncture, cranial sacral, pain meds, I tried it all. Karena took the time to understand my problem, and after a thorough evaluation explained to me what the situation was. I felt better after a SINGLE session! I was completely floored. She explained the maintenance I had to keep up at home, and really took the time to go through the exercises to make sure I understood how to do them correctly. Not to mention Karena is so warm, funny, and a joy to spend an hour with!!!! Whenever I go to ACPT I know I will leave feeling 100x better than when I came in – what more could I want?”

Gillian Sagansky
Editor at W Magazine

“I arrived in New York City to commentate the US Open with extreme low back pain . Karena was quick to help me and worked around my schedule that was changing daily and not always easy to manage . I was extremely grateful at how much thought & care she put into each treatment session . Truly professional, kind , caring and fun to work with! I left 2 weeks later feeling so much better ! Thank you for everything Karena!”

Mary Pierce
French 3x Olympian and Grand Slam Women’s Tennis Champion

“I have suffered from vertigo off and on for several years now but had no idea a physical therapist could help me with the issue until my recent bout with it. I was fortunate enough to find out about Karena at ActiveCare Physical Therapy and was able to get in to see her the same day. It sounded too strange to be true that little rocks / crystals in my ears had shifted around but could be adjusted back into place with some in office movements, but it absolutely worked! I went from being barely functional, feeling drunk while walking and nauseated to NO dizziness or spinning sensation by the next day. Karena also was very patient and never rushed the process. I knew I had lucked out finding her from the minute she started treating my condition. Now I don’t have to dread the next time my vertigo flairs up (if it ever does again) – I know who to call so I can get back on my feet again.”

Brittany Westfall
Facilities and Office Services Manager

“Active care is top notch! I had surgery in March of 2015 to repair a torn meniscus and after doing all of my therapy there, I was able to get back to competitive weightlifting in December of 2015 and qualify for nationals.

Thanks guys! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Arturo Ruiz
Starting Strength Coach

“After visiting several physical therapists over a two year period, ActiveCare was unmatched in the manner in which it produced positive results. The staff at ActiveCare were nothing short of impressive, from their professional abilities to their approachability. Most importantly, Karena and her staff are passionate and truly care about the well-being of every patient that walks through the door.”

1st Lieutenant Patrick F. Ford
United States Marine Corps

“As a professional beach volleyball player, having great treatment at tournaments is essential. It has been such a treat to have Karena on the road at AVP tournaments! Her knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treating the body allows me to relax and focus on competing and winning. I know that come game-time she will have my body in tip-top form. Thanks, Karena!”

Lauren Fendrick
Professional Beach Volleyball Player / Attorney

“ActiveCare Physical Therapy is wonderful. After I injured my back, I went to a different physical therapy office and didn’t receive the one-on-one approach I needed. I wasn’t getting better and was often seen by 2 or 3 different aides. In my experience, continuity of care with one therapist is a major key to actually healing. Finally, after doing some research I found ActiveCare. Thank goodness because Monique is truly amazing! She’s kind, knowledgeable, and took the time to truly listen to what I needed and tailored my care accordingly. For the first time this entire year I am pain free. All the staff is awesome and I can’t recommend them enough. Don’t walk to ActiveCare run (if you can)!”

L. Raphael
Executive Assistant

“When I broke my ankle , Karena’s tlc helped me back on two feet in no time. Her sense of humor made my appointments something I looked forward to and always cheered me up when my injury had me feeling blue.

The tactical healing approach she used to my specific injury cut my healing time in half . Thanks Karena!”

Marie Avgeropoulos

“As someone who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, I see the immediate benefits of improving range of motion, developing core strength and maintaining flexibility through physical therapy. Karena Wu and the ActiveCare team immediately recognized the systemic inflammation resulting from my flare-ups and my chronic pain, and helped me live with my disease through a holistic understanding of the body’s mechanics. Having gone through several surgeries, i’ve seen the immediate positive results of PT.”

Seamus Mullen
Chef and Proprietor, Tertulia

“In addition to owing Karena big time for my ability to wow my surgeon with my readiness for my first complete hip replacement which she attended! I thank her and Noel for seeing me thru two bouts of postural vertigo. She and her staff are healing, attentive, and caring individuals. ActiveCare is everything you could hope for in the field of physical therapy. Honest.”

Linda Gould
Business Manager / Antiquorum Auctioneers

“Karena has adjusted virtually every part of my body, from head to toe. 21 years on the line has certainly taken its toll. If it weren’t for Karena, I wouldn’t be able to stand in the kitchen night in and night out doing what I love. She makes the pain go away, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Wylie Dufresne
Chef/Owner, wd~50

“Karena and her staff are very knowledgeable and skilled in their craft. Working with Karena is every serious athlete’s dream, in getting back to training and playing at a high level, without the discomfort of an injury in a reasonable period of time. I have done rehabilitation with her after knee and shoulder surgery and was able to get back to playing volleyball ahead of schedule. Her teaching technique combined with her educating you about your body, has helped me to better take care of myself. Thanks to Karena and ActiveCare Physical Therapy I am looking forward to my next local and international tournament.”

Jason “Long” Octave
Professional Volleyball Player / Captain St. Lucia National team / Member Creole Volleyball Club NYC

“Both my mind and body owe you thanks! The countless techniques you’ve taught me over the years have helped me strengthen and tone my body. They have become a part of my daily wellness regimen. I will always be grateful. I know I can always rely on your healing hands when I need them.”

Kimora Lee Simmons
CEO, Fashion Designer and Model of Baby Phat and Phat Fashions, Inc.

“Karena Wu is a profoundly gifted physical therapist. She eliminated my pain, first in my knee and then in my back, and restored full movement and comfort. She combines brilliant diagnostics with the very best therapeutic approaches out there. PT with Karena is hard work, but she makes it fun. And she bakes amazing cookies too.”

Lindsey Biel
Pediatric Occupational Therapist and co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child

“Karena seems to cure the neck and back agony caused by endless hours on planes to Hong Kong, drives to clients out of state and 16 hour days looking at a computer screen. I am a ‘fit’ fifty year old, and have been into sports all my life, so never felt the need for an ‘adjustment’, but time marches on (the body), and Karena is a superb fix to ailments from work and travel obligations.”

Kathleen Kirkwood
Designer of Kathleen Kirkwood Shapewear, International

“Long before I needed treatment, I heard about physical therapist Karena Wu from my sister-in-law, who could not say enough good things about the exercises Karena gave her for her back. My orthopedist sent me to physical therapy for a mystery pain in my knees, which Karena diagnosed right away and for which she devised a series of exercises that improved things rapidly. Part of her job was to fix what a previous physical therapist had left out of my knee regime. She is always smart, upbeat and on the job, listening and thinking about good exercises. The office is small and comfortable; her staff professional and helpful. I would absolutely go to Karena again for physical therapy and have recommended her very highly to friends.”

Hilde Hoogenboom
Assistant Professor, University at Albany

“As a master track and field athlete, with workouts and competitions, my body endures a lot. So when I strained my hamstring, it was important for me to work with a physical therapist who could help me get back on track. While there was a physical component to my physical therapy, exercises that improved my strength and flexibility, there was an empowering component as well. Karena thoroughly explained and demonstrated how my muscles function. I am truly appreciative of the patience, care and quality service of ActiveCare Physical Therapy.”

Maurelhena Walles
USATF Masters 400 Meter National Champion
4×100 and 4×400 World Masters Gold Medalist and American Record Holder
PowerBar Team Elite

“Karena helped me get my volleyball game back without surgery. She tailored a sports-specific rehab program, did physical work on my shoulder, and collaborated with my doctors. Thanks to Karena I can play multiple games with minimal pain!”

John Stossel
Host of “Stossel”
Fox Business News

“Karena’s expertise and knowledge is extensive and then surpassed by her compassion and follow through. I have worked with several PT’s over the years. Karena listens, is thorough and then follows up regularly. She is a consummate professional. I am lucky to be in her care.”

Karen Simon
Simon Does LLC

“Karena Wu expeditiously diagnosed my problem, yet patiently explained the process and reasoning behind it building my confidence in the treatment. Karena’s experience and relaxed style allowed me to be aware of what my body is trying to tell me and focus on relieving my pain. I left Active Care Physical therapy feeling much better both physiologically and physically. Karena’s positive energy and vocational commitment inspires me to follow her regiment of exercises to continue to feel better in the future. Karena, you and your team Rock!”

Bryan Moran
PRIME Events

“I wanted to thank you for all the energy and effort you put in to helping me – I have definitely benefited and learned from working with you and your team. I really enjoyed working with you all and have recommend you to several friends. It has been far and away the best physical therapy experience I have had.”

Lucy Sawyer
Design Director Women’s Sweaters
Banana Republic

“I was impressed by Karena Wu’s advanced degrees in physical therapy, and that she worked with patients personally and individually for long sessions. Besides being highly-skilled in knowing exactly what treatment would be best, Karena was friendly and high- spirited. I always looked forward to my sessions as though I were visiting a friend. I can recommend Karena and Active Care Physical Therapy without hesitation.”

Bud Motzkin
Director of Architecture
Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Inc.