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Elbow Injury Physical Therapy

ActiveCare Physical Therapy Midtown NYC

elbow-injury-physical-therapy-nycThe elbow is a hinge joint. The joint consists of the humerus, or upper arm and the radius (thumb side) and ulna (pinky side). The function of the elbow is the place the hand close to the face.

Injuries to the elbow include: tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis), ulnar nerve entrapment, and traumatic elbow injury, to name a few. With injury, all 3 bones need to maintain good mobility in order for the elbow to bend or straighten fully.

The technique demonstrated is an elbow flexion, or bending mobilization. The elbow can also be bent on a slight angle depending on the involvement of either the radial or ulnar bone.

Our Approach

  • The patient is on his back on the table.
  • The therapist stands on the side of restriction, facing the head of the patient.
  • The therapist uses her outside to grasp the end of the humeral bone to stabilize it.
  • The hand closest to the patient grasps the patient’s wrist and bends the hand toward the shoulder.

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