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Tennis Elbow & Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis and Golfers elbow or medial epicondylitis is an overuse, repetitive stress injury. Tennis elbow does not only come from playing tennis and Golfers elbow does not only come from playing golf. This condition is due to the repetitive use of the wrist and hand throughout the day. Activities such as writing, holding, gripping, and twisting can cause this injuryi n the elbow joint.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy uses a specific joint mobilization to position the elbow joint into the best place to unload the tendon. Patients experience an immediate reduction in elbow pain after one treatment. We follow this up with kinesiology tape to assist the forearm muscles and exercises to strengthen around the joint.

ActiveCare therapists also address the upper limb kinetic chain to promote the best recovery for the elbow. We address the shoulder and trunk to make sure all of the muscles and nerves are working as efficiently as possible. This creates long term outcomes in recovery from tennis and golfers elbow. Our patients are often amazed at how distant body parts can affect their elbow and appreciate our holistic practice.

Our patients with elbow injuries recover smoothly and quickly with our advanced manual therapies. We incorporate even more holistic therapies like Pilates to strengthen and stabilize from the core out to the extremities.

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