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Physical Therapy Telehealth Services

Physical therapy services have changed to include telehealth services. Traditional physical therapy was always in person but the COVID pandemic taught us how to pivot to maintain services. Telehealth consultations are a remote physical therapy session. Telehealth visits include evaluations and follow up visits. Your physical therapist will be able to diagnose your condition based on your present history, mechanism of injury, past history, type, description, location and behavior of pain.

Traditional physical therapy includes the whole office experience. The front desk check in and check out, hands on care and therapeutic exercises and modalities like hot or cold therapy and electrical stimulation.

Telehealth visits include a video cap for injury assessment, therapeutic exercises under direct supervision and the application of self applied manual therapies or equipment to do soft tissue and joint releases. Patient education on self management of the condition is emphasized.

The best Physical Therapy outcome comes from regular visits, education and understanding and the client’s participation in their health. Physical Therapy can include a combination of in person and telehealth visits. Telehealth now allows for continued care no matter where the client is e.g. on vacation, on a work trip or even in transit. You can even change from an in person visit to telehealth if you are running late to your in person session. Our patients feel relief after telehealth sessions and now understand how this new style of physical therapy can help improve their condition.

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