Heal Yourself With the Best!

Letter From The Owner

Dear ActiveCare Patient,

Dr. Karena Wu - Activecare Physical TherapyI strongly believe that healthcare practitioners get the best clinical outcomes when patients are informed and actively involved in their care — hence the name of my practice! With that in mind, please read on for a brief explanation of how ActiveCare’s approach sets us apart and is designed to enable you to meet your recovery goals as carefully, comprehensively and efficiently as possible

All of our therapists are specially trained to design treatment plans emphasizing our holistic approach. That means that we look at your body as a whole, not just your injured body part in isolation. Your body is made up of interdependent parts, and if one part is injured, it can affect the other parts too. Treating you as a whole person, taking your overall health, lifestyle and physical activities into consideration, gives you better, faster and lasting results.

We like to start by aligning the lumbopelvic region, where your lower back connects with your pelvis, or as we refer to it, the foundation of the body. Beginning with alignment and manipulation here impacts everything above and below it on your body’s kinetic chain, affecting the relationship between the joints that work together to produce movement. Typical response to treatment here is a beneficial change to the injured area.

Then we look at the surrounding joints that could impact your area of injury and complaint. These joints typically sit adjacent to the area of injury and could alter the condition of the injured segment. If there is dysfunction or malalignment here, then we correct it. Adjustments or manual therapies here can make the injured area move and feel better as well.

We finish locally around the injured area and joint. Direct joint and soft tissue mobilizations increase range of motion and muscle strength, and reduce pain. Adjunct therapies like negative pressure myofascial decompression and kinesiology taping further the increased range and muscle strength and reduction in pain. Using this approach with closely-supervised Pilates-based rehabilitation exercise and an individualized home exercise program enables us to give you the best outcome possible.

We’re passionate about helping our patients and we look forward to treating you at ActiveCare PT. Heal Yourself with the Best!

Karena Wu
Clinical Director & Owner