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Pilates Rehabilitation

ActiveCare Physical Therapy offers the best Pilates rehabilitation therapy in midtown Manhattan. Clinical Director Karena Wu has over a ten-year history in Pilates. She first became interested in Pilates when she saw the benefits of whole-body strengthening with such a strong emphasis on posture and the core. Many injuries that she sees have some component of malalignment of the core. It is the ‘foundation of the house’ and oftentimes treatment to the core affects some sort of change in the injury, even a peripheral injury. That’s why Karena incorporated this type of rehabilitation exercise at ActiveCare. It’s the best bang for the buck, the best Physical Therapy exercise adjunct and the best exercise around that can help heal an injury quickly.

Karena earned her Certification in Pilates at the Professional Health and Fitness Institute (PHFI) in Bethesda, Maryland. The PHFI was developed by a Physical Therapist who created the certification only for those licensed in rehabilitation. As such, this approach is specifically focused on rehabilitation programs that isolate muscle groups, and then ties them together for more functional training and pain-free return to activities. Karena trains all of ActiveCare’s therapists and aides in using this approach.

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