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Frozen Shoulder

frozen-shoulder-physical-therapyFrozen shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition in the shoulder where your joint stiffens up so significantly that it ‘freezes’ or gets stuck. The condition is caused by trauma, chronic inflammation or of insidious onset (unknown cause). It is marked by 3 phases: freezing, frozen and thawing stage.

Initially in the freezing stage, you will have severe pain and limited movement due to the pain. Pain can be worse at night and not helped by any medications. The second stage is where your joint is frozen. The pain reduces significantly and the joint is severely limited in motion to the point where it is stuck down at your side. You will be unable to lift the arm and use it well. The last thawing stage is where your stiffness starts to subside and you can start to regain motion.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy can help you regain motion of your shoulder joint quickly. As manual therapy specialists, we focus on the restricted capsular tissue around the shoulder joint so that you can move the bones more easily. We then prescribe appropriate range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises to help maintain this new range. This condition is painful to recover from as the pain during rehabilitation is typically at the end range of joint motion where the joint is the most stiff. This is the ‘no pain, no gain’ therapy (within reason).

Our therapists work directly into the stiff joint as well as into the surrounding joints to make sure your biomechanics are working appropriately to recover motion. We demonstrate fast changes into your condition every time we treat you. Most of our patients can see and feel the difference immediately with our hands-on therapy.

Call us now to understand how we can treat this condition and give you the tools to help return you back to your normal activities of daily living. 

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