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Medicircle Voice of Healthcare: Physiotherapy – Benefits, and role in COVID in the words of Dr. Kinjal Shah Anandpara

Medicircle Voice of Healthcare | Karena Wu Physical TherapyDr. Kinjal Shah Anandpara is co-owner and Clinical Director of ActiveCare Physical Therapy, Private Limited. ActiveCare Physical Therapy, Pvt Ltd is located in Mumbai, India and is based off of the original NYC location (ActiveCare Physical Therapy, PC) which is owned and operated by Dr. Karena Wu. Dr. Wu teamed up with Dr. Anandpara to open its first international physiotherapy clinic. ActiveCare PT is a specialty clinic that offers advanced manual therapies, Pilates based rehabilitation and other specialty modalities. This is the first of its kind in India and Dr. Anandpara was asked to discuss the benefits of our style of physiotherapy with Medicircle. The interview talks about the benefits of PT and how it can help during the COVID pandemic.

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Business Insider India: I Challenged Myself to Stand for 3 Hours a Day for a Week, and my Energy Levels Soared

Business Insider India | Karena Wu Best PT NYC Press | Standing & HealthInternational celebrity physical therapist Dr. Karena Wu is owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy NYC and Mumbai. Both clinics offer specialized manual therapies, Pilates based rehabilitation and sports specific rehabilitation. The physical therapists at ActiveCare PT educate patients on daily routines to include work activities. Dr. Wu treats clients in the US as well as India. She was quoted in theBusiness Insider India on her views on sitting versus standing at your desk. She is a big believer in moderation and listening to your body for what the task demands. To see the whole story in Business Insider India, click here.

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Bollywood Star Vidyut Jammwal’s Savior: ActiveCare Physical Therapy


Bollywood star Vidyut Jammwal is always in action. And keeping the momentum behind the scenes is his physical therapist, Dr. Karena Wu, owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy in Mumbai and New York City. Vidyut has been treated by Dr. Wu in Mumbai and abroad, and continues to do so because of her holistic practice philosophy. To see her comments, click here.

MSN: The Ultimate Ab Workouts for Women

MSN-logoDr. Karena Wu rehabilitates all kinds of injuries. She works with professional beach volleyball players as well as runners, golfers, boxers and weekend warriors. As a Pilates instructor, she emphasizes the importance of the core for stability, strength and physique. Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that requires core stability to power the limbs and burns fat to show off your defined abdominals.

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Medium-logoDr. Karena Wu has been practicing the best physical therapy in NYC for over 17 years. She has multiple certifications and advanced training courses under her belt that she shares with her patients when they come in for treatment. Her holistic style of physical therapy and in depth knowledge is being branded and she has trained many physical therapists at ActiveCare Physical Therapy in the USA. She is opening her first ActiveCare Physical Therapy Private Limited clinic in the bustling city of Mumbai, India. The clinic will be in classy and wealthy neighborhood of Prabhadevi. The clinic will model the USA company and will offer the best physical therapy practices to Indians. Former colleague and partner, Dr. Kinjal Anandpara will manage and oversee the clinic.

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ActiveCare Physical Therapy, India

ACPT-india-opening-invitationActiveCare Physical Therapy Private Limited opened for business on April 2, 2017. Dr. Karena Wu and Dr. Kinjal Anandpara hosted a fun-filled open house to introduce our family, friends, peers and neighbors to our first Indian office. We had an amazing time educating those on the best physiotherapy services from the United States of America and New York City. Dr. Karena Wu brings her high level quality care internationally to make sure that everyone can experience what top notch physiotherapy services are. Dr. Wu is used as a healthcare expert in NYC and has been featured on the Dr. Oz show. Her clientele includes professional athletes, international celebrities, international royalty and high end professionals.