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Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine looks at the whole person and their systems and applies different therapies for their health and wellness. Functional medicine focuses on individualized therapies and is an integrative approach to understanding, treating and preventing disease with the goal of fixing the root cause of disease and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

ActiveCare Physical therapy practices a holistic therapy that utilizes integrative and functional medicine approaches. Our therapists look at the person as a whole and address their orthopedic conditions while attending to other systems eg nerve, circulatory, metabolic. We tailor treatments daily to how the patient presents. We treat the patient, not the symptoms. We listen, see and feel what the patient is experiencing in order to use our clinical decision making to pick the most appropriate treatment. We prioritize our therapies and tailor them to treat distant or remote parts first, then ‘walk our way to the injured segment’.

Our clients love our individualized approach and whole body approach. Our holistic practice incorporates other practitioners of alternative therapies in the care of our clients. Our whole body approach also address items outside of the client e.g. clothing/shoe wear as well as their environment and stressors. We market as being the best and we give you the best in care. Our clients love how we make them feel physically, mentally and emotionally utilizing integrative and functional medicine components in physical therapy.