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The therapists at ActiveCare Physical Therapy collaborate closely with a variety of providers. This is the best way for you to heal, when the whole team works together to focus on you, the patient. We think the best healing comes from all different practitioners and oftentimes a mix of them. This mix of providers consists of both Western and Eastern medicine practitioners who consult and co-treat many of our patients. Physicians and surgeons include orthopedic specialists, spine specialists, internists, pain management and osteopathic physicians and chiropractors. Alternative medicine practitioners include acupuncturists, rolfers, Feldenkrais practitioners, nutritionists and massage therapists. Exercise practitioners include personal trainers, yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonics instructors. We also refer to practitioners who offer cutting edge therapies such as prolo and platelet rich plasma injections.

The best Physical Therapist will always be a team player. Communication between practitioners is an integral factor in rehabilitation to return patients to prior levels of function without return of injury. We make it a point to openly communicate at any point during the rehabilitation process. Our network of practitioners are the best in their field and we are able to get our patient’s a visit immediately in emergency situations as well as immediate feedback to therapeutic or exercise prescriptions. That is why we prove ourselves to be the Best Physical Therapists in town and that you should come Heal Yourself with the Best!

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