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Pain is a subjective experience. Pain is not a sensation but rather a response from cognitive, emotional and somatic experiences. Pain is the number one reason why people come to physical therapy. The body is an amazing structure. It can compensate and adapt to change extremely well which is why most people do not come into therapy until the pain becomes so overwhelming that it finally affects their quality of life.

Most clients tolerate stress for long periods of time. By the time they become a physical therapy patient, they have pain from both the root cause of the problem, as well as the adaptations that their body has created to cope with the issue. ActiveCare Physical Therapy staff are trained to figure out the root cause of the problem. We treat the problem, not the symptoms. Symptom treatment means prolonged therapy and a constant chasing of symptoms because we are not fixing the problem. It usually means the client does not really feel much improvement or any long lasting improvement. When we determine what the root cause of the problem is, the pain and compensations can change quickly.

Our brain and bodies demonstrate neuroplasticity. Our bodies are able to generate change (plasticity) through messages from the brain (neuro). Once we are injured or feel pain, our bodies change to adapt to this new condition. During the recovery process, the reverse occurs to return to normal functioning. Physical therapists are therapists and instructors in this change in the mind and body to eliminate pain, restore muscle strength, range of motion and function.

Many of our clients come to us because they have not experienced any change or long lasting change with other therapies. Their pain and dysfunction have persisted and they have not been able to return to their activities of daily living without pain. Our goal at ActiveCare Physical Therapy is to treat your condition which will immediately affect your pain. Our holistic approach addresses all the necessary components in your recovery process to make fast and effective change in your system.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy gets you back to your quality of life so that you are living your best life fully functional and pain-free. 

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