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Kinesiology Taping

ActiveCare Physical Therapy utilizes the best products in the care of our patients. Kinesiology Taping is an elastic therapeutic tape made from 100% cotton woven over elastic. This tape is one of the best modalities used to help reduce pain and help in the recovery process.

ActiveCare physical therapists use kinesiology tape found in rolls as well as precut applications. They have multiple colors (beige, black, pink, and blue) for patient preference but all of the colors are the same in strength and integrity. The benefit of kinesiology tape is that it is made of cotton, is breathable, flexible and mimics skin’s elasticity. It stays on for up to 5 days and can be worn in the shower. It is the only tape with a longitudinal stretch and is meant to help with controlling motion. The tape stimulates sensory receptors in the skin that help with increasing neurosensory feedback and neuromuscular activation. Because of the elastic recoil, the tape has a lift on the skin which helps with increasing fluid movement to allow for faster tissue healing.

ActiveCare uses precut applications as well. Precuts are beneficial for clinicians as they save time in the clinic, are standardized for greater consistency in application and are transferable to patients to allow for self-administration. It is a great way for patients to be able to self treat during travel. They are made from one continuous piece of material which mimics the body’s fascial system and are easy to apply.

Karena Wu was the Director of Education of SpiderTech Kinesiology Taping. We pride ourselves on being the best and the staff are trained in therapeutic functional taping under Karena’s direction. All clinicians use tape rolls as well as precut applications. After your initial evaluation, your Physical Therapist will determine if you would benefit from this additional modality and what application would be best. Heal yourself with the best using the most up to date kinesiology tape on the market.

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