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Connor McAlpine

Connor Mcalpine | Personal trainer | Activecare Physical Therapy NYCConnor was raised in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up, Connor casually played sports but was not that physical. After working as a young lifeguard and swimming coach, he fell in love with movement. He appreciated the practicality of the skills from this work and felt the desire to pass this life changing knowledge to others. This planted the teaching seed in Connor and he now has over 15 years of teaching experience in multiple areas.

In college, Connor elected yoga classes and found a deep love for it. He has taken over 200 hours in teacher training from the Yoga Room in Queens and is now a certified instructor in Vinyasa Yoga. Connor also had a penchant for weight training in his early twenties and is now an NASM personal trainer and nutrition coach. When he is not working as a swim instructor, yoga instructor, personal trainer or nutrition coach, Connor enjoys making music with friends and spending time with his loved ones.

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Kat Best

Kat Best | Personal Trainer | Activecare Physical Therapy NYCAfter discovering her passion for fitness in college, Kat became a certified NASM Personal Trainer to motivate others to create consistent routines so they can feel the same life-changing benefits. Kat trained clients at a luxury boutique gym in NYC while pursuing multiple certifications to deepen her holistic education on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle factors that affect health and wellness. Kat graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association and became Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Her insatiable love for fitness and nutrition keeps her learning and making sure her clients are getting the most effective programming possible.

Throughout her career she has helped her clients build the fitness and nutrition habits to lose weight, build strength and stability, improve athletic performance, increase energy levels, balance hormones, improve gut health, eliminate emotional eating and yo-yo dieting, cook and meal prep on a regular basis and most importantly, quiet the self limiting beliefs that kept them from starting in the first place.

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Claudia Godi

BS, Exercise Physiology

claudia-godiClaudia Godi is a Health and Wellness Instructor with over 16 years of experience. She was born in Florence, Italy, where she became a competitive gymnast and then taught gymnastic for several years in the well-known “Ginnastica Poggetto” sport society, Florence Italy. This experience shaped Claudia’s passion for movement. She graduated from the University of Florence (ISEF) with a degree in Physical Education and started working as a personal trainer when it was still an emerging profession in Italy.

In Rome, she ran a post-rehabilitation center under the guidance of Luigi Salvino, an expert postural alignment and back-pain relief physical therapist. During this time, she also expanded her knowledge of movement, studying and practicing GYROTONIC® and The Mézières Method (AIFIMM). She practiced these techniques on her own body,1 learning how to engage her muscles in a different way than learned in her previous physical training and sports backgrounds.

These experiences gave Claudia a new approach to her work: a new way of working out aimed at maintaining proper alignment so that the movement becomes as ergonomic as possible.

Claudia’s perpetual quest for simplicity of movement in training, and a clear understanding of how all the parts of the body are integrated to provide the best results with the least effort, brought her to the creation and development of The Godi Method®. The Godi Method® can help you free your breath from its restrictions as it combines postural alignment with exercise programs. It helps you find an effortless way to move and work out and reduce the muscle aches and pains that you’ve experienced in the past. For more information, please visit