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Holistic Practice

lower-back-physical-therapyActiveCare Physical therapy is a specialty boutique clinic. Our physical therapists are specialists in manual therapies, Pilates based rehabilitation, functional training and other holistic therapies. Our therapists look at the whole person and not just the injured segment. We address the musculoskeletal biomechanics as well as the psychosocial component of rehabilitation. We recommend and refer to alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, nutrition, physical training, reiki (energetic healing) and clothing and shoe wear.

manual-pt-physical-therapyRehabilitation involves addressing the condition or specific body part as well as the components that go into the healing process and general health and wellness. ActiveCare Physical Therapy provides treatment to the kinetic chain for the injured segment in one session. We demonstrate the changes the individual experiences after each treatment within one session. Patients are often astonished with how quickly our skilled manual therapies and clinical decision making can change their health status immediately.

We educate all of our clients on our holistic practice philosophy, their condition, the therapies they receive, their exercise progression and their prognosis or their timeline in recovery. We strive to make our clients well-informed for better compliance and adherence to their treatment plan.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy has been voted one of the best in New York City for many years. Dr. Karena Wu, owner and clinical director of ActiveCare PT NYC and Mumbai has developed her holistic practice treatment. that all staff practice at ActiveCare PT. Patients are amazed at how quickly we can make changes in their conditions and have raved about the true collaboration our therapists have with our wellness providers.

Many of our clients are repeat customers, have shared our information with others, find us online when they are looking for the best in service and make us the last resort when other conservative therapies have not worked. We will always fix you and find the true root of the problem versus treating your symptoms.