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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a condition where the nerve on the inside of the wrist gets irritated and inflamed. It causes pain, weakness and nerve sensations like pins and needles or tingling into the first four fingers in the hand (thumb through the ring finger). This condition is caused by sustained pressure on the wrist from trauma, repetitive stress, inflammatory conditions or other conditions that cause nerve damage.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy treats carpal tunnel by reducing the inflammation on the nerve. Our therapists will educate you on ways to reduce stress on your wrist and exercises to improve your posture and strengthen and lengthen the area. This condition can respond quickly when the individual changes their habits during work and even sleeping positions. Our therapists will guide you on the appropriate postures and activities that can be done to recovery quickly.

Carpal tunnel can easily become a chronic condition because of the use of our hands all day. Our therapists will instruct you on the use of a short term brace to unload the nerve. We also recommend the use of CBD as a chemical alternative to reduce inflammation and pain.

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