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Tendonitis is an overuse, repetitive stress type of injury. It is an inflammation and irritation to the tendon which is overused during physical activity. The tendon is the attachment from the muscle to the bone and it is through this and the muscle tissue that movement occurs.

Common tendonitis areas are found in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle. The condition can become painful from repetitive use and movement, and easily become chronic because we move our bodies all day.

Tendonitis is treated by patient education about the condition, joint mobilization to place the joint in the most optimal position to reduce stresses on the tendon, Graston Technique to help align the fibers for better efficiency, kinesiology tape to facilitate or inhibit the tissue and other modalities to reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling.

Chronic overuse, repetitive stress injuries to the tendon respond quickly to therapy at ActiveCare Physical Therapy because we prescribe the most individualized and appropriate treatment based on your condition and status. Advanced manual therapies like joint mobilizations and the Graston Technique help increase function and reduce pain very quickly. Our therapists are skilled in treating tendonitis throughout the body.

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