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Orthopedic Care

ActiveCare Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic facility. We treat all ages and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic care refers to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions of the bones, ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles.

ActiveCare physical therapists specialize in advanced manual therapies that are applied to the musculoskeletal system. We look for mechanical causes of your pain and dysfunction. Once we determine the system that is involved, our hands-on therapies work quickly to increase range of motion, muscle strength and reduce pain. Our approach involves having the client as an active participant in their care. Our therapists use a ‘test’ that a client demonstrates that reproduces their complaints of pain. Our therapists then apply one treatment technique and ‘retest’ the client. The client and therapist see how well that treatment technique works and how quickly it can change their status.

ActiveCare physical therapists are mechanical specialists. We assess your anatomy, your function and your movement patterns. We utilize manual therapies, holistic exercises and alternative therapies to treat your orthopedic condition. When combined appropriately using our clinical decision making, our therapists are able to effectively and quickly treat our clients using the best techniques available. Clients enjoy the recovery process at ActiveCare Physical Therapy and love our comprehensive and holistic approach to physical therapy.

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