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FIT3D Body Scanner

ActiveCare Physical Therapy offers FIT3D Body Scans, which provide 3D body images with body part measurements, body fat percentage, posture and balance. This 3D body scanner can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Each scan can be compared to previous scans which shows trackable changes in your path to health, weight loss and wellness.

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The FIT3D body scan takes only 40 seconds. There is nothing invasive. Each scan uses cameras to take a 3 dimensional image of your body. Anyone with metal implants, pacemakers or pregnancy are clear to take the scan.  The FIT3D scan will show a full outline of your body’s dimension across three planes of space (your avatar).

The 3D body scanner gives you wellness metrics like body composition (fat mass versus lean muscle mass), body shape rating and fitness level. Your posture will be measured from the front, back and side. Balance will be calculated showing you how you hold your balance when in standing. All of your information is uploaded into the FIT3D cloud on your personal dashboard. All descriptions of the metrics are available on the FIT3D platform. The therapists at ActiveCare Physical Therapy will review your information after your scan.

FIT3D body scans are available for any customer. Customers who are under the guidance of nutritionists use the FIT3D for regular scanning to track their progress. We welcome new clientele.

We offer the first scan free, with the purchase of a 3 pack follow up for $100 (regular pricing is $75/scan). Most clients come in at monthly intervals for their follow ups. Call us now at (212) 777-4374 or email us at to book your first, FREE scan today!

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