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VoxxLife Human Performance Technology (HPT) is a pattern that triggers a neural response in the brainstem. This pattern helps immediately with pain modulation, improves balance, motion and power. VoxxHPT patterns are specially woven into wellness and performance products that are worn to improve your quality of life. ActiveCare Physical Therapy believes in the best products that can facilitate an improved state of being without the use of medicine or chemicals. VoxxLife products help with neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, recovery after injury, energy and pain management.

VoxxHPT has demonstrated positive changes in balance and stability (+31%), power (+22%), pain management (+94%) and neural health (+36%). This adjunct therapy is recommended by the staff at ActiveCare PT both for general health and wellness as well as recovery from injury. We believe in providing drug-free alternative solutions to your health and wellness. We provide the best holistic care and use the best products to assist our physical and mental well being. VoxxLife technology products are offered onsite at ActiveCare Physical Therapy or through our link at

Before HPT

After HPT

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Voxxlife Neuro Path Infographic  Voxxlife | Harmony Neuro Patch | Info sheet