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PIX11 NY Living: How to Improve Your Posture | August 3, 2022

Dr. Karena Wu joined PIX11 NY Living to demonstrate causes of poor posture and exercises to fix them. How to fix your posture is based on conscious awareness and exercises that strengthen the backside and lengthen the front side of the body. Poor posture can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and back as well as other issues in the organ systems, like heart, respiratory, digestion, metabolism and psychological systems. Dr. Wu instructed hosts Marysol Castro and Chris Cimino in how to correct their posture during their work day with a few exercises that turned on the muscles, opened up tight areas and decompressed the spine. 

Dr. Wu is a certified Pilates instructor as well as one of NYC’s best physical therapists. She has been in practice for over 22 years and has been the owner of ActiveCare Physical Therapy since 2005. ActiveCare Physical Therapy is a Pilates based rehabilitation clinic that works on posture, core and body awareness. Host Chris Cimino showed techniques that a physical therapist would correct when doing exercises. The team at ActiveCare PT offers tailored exercises that are Pilates based and all one-on-one. We are also specialists in manual therapy. Studies demonstrate that manual therapy in combination with exercises provides the best outcomes for rehabilitation.

Dr. Wu offered up exercises that utilized multiple segments in movement, core activation, strengthening and stretching. These exercises can help fix your poor posture quickly and efficiently. Click on the link to watch the video.

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