Heal Yourself With the Best!

Good Morning America | Best Posture Practices | August 23, 2022

Dr. Karena Wu joins GMA3 to discuss the best posture practices for both adults and kids. In this segment, Dr. Wu talks about posture gadgets, exercises at the desk and exercises to help kids have better posture.

Dr. Wu discusses how poor posture can impact your health (sleep, energy levels, pain). Poor posture compresses our organs, which can affect breathing, blood pressure, digestion, metabolism and affect our psychological health. Poor posture can create muscle imbalances and cause pain in the neck, middle and low back, and out to the shoulders and hips. If you have pain from poor posture, it can affect your sleeping, energy and function and compound other stresses in your body or life!

Dr. Wu walks through wearable tech posture correctors- these streamlined, wearable tech gadgets that remind you to have good upright posture (just like mom!). She discusses shoulder posture correctors that you can wear and that have the technology built in.

Dr. Wu demonstrates the Front Stretch-standing hip extension with an added side stretch to affect the neck and shoulders and a Chair Exercise, the slouch-overcorrect that mobilizes the spine and activates your postural muscles.

Finally, we talk through kids posture. We have to make it fun and relatable to make kids do things. Dr. Wu talks through 3 tips, making it fun for kids. Make it part of the alphabet, the capital ‘I’; kids love animals and doing the pigeon neck is fun; and finally mimicking what everyone does in the morning to prep their bodies for posture, the Morning Stretch! This move stretches your front and wakes up your postural muscles on the back!