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ActiveCare Charity Work

ActiveCare Physical Therapy believes that the best Physical Therapists and best Physical Therapy experiences come from our work outside of our facility in addition to our work with you and our referrals. We do our best to promote various charities with on-site event medical treatment and support. We believe in supporting good causes that aid health-focused issues and promote healthy lifestyles.

We believe in social responsibility. Seeing what else is out there that people are dealing with makes us better Physical Therapists. It helps us understand what we need to do in our work to provide you with the Best Physical Therapy facility in midtown Manhattan. Take a look below at some of the events we have supported.

Arthritis 2019 ACPT Warm Up Stretch

ActiveCare PT & The Arthritis Foundation

ActiveCare Physical Therapy has been participating with the Arthritis Foundation in NY since 2012. We have led the warm up and cool down stretch, participated as In-Kind Coordinator (responsible for generating food and beverage donations) and have raised funds to build awareness for this debilitating disease. Every year, we generate a team to join the Walk to Cure Arthritis. Please reach out to us if you ever want to join our team. It is an open enrollment.

Karena Wu volunteers at the Stephen Stiller Tunnel to Towers Run

Karena was asked to volunteer at the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run on September 30, 2012. She was asked to participate as a Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner and as a Physical Therapist. She was one of two PT’s out of a total of 60 medical volunteers. The medical volunteers were stationed at the finish and she was there to kinesio tape as well as do any manual therapies to any of the participants of the race.

Diane and Karena, PT and CKTP

Karena and the Semper Fi team, from Hawaii

Karena and an Army cadet from West Point

Dr. Jeff Poplarski, Medical Director, Diane and Karena, PT’s, CKTP

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series: New York 10K, 2011

Karena, Anna and Valerie volunteer

Karena takes a break with Dr. Ron Noy

Karena assists a marathon participant

19th Annual Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America

Dessert Professional Magazine Editor Matthew Stevens and Karena

Karena and Top Chef Just Desserts Head Judge Johnny Iuzzinis

Dessert Professional’s 19th Annual Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America

Dessert Professional Magazine Editor Matthew Stevens and Karena

Karena and Prohibition Bakery Partners Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg

Prohibition Bakery Founder Brooke Siem and Karena

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