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Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy

ActiveCare Physical Therapy works with volleyball players, skiers, dancers, runners, soccer players and other pro and casual athletes. As Medical Director of the AVP, Dr.AVP Association of Volleyball Professionals | Dr Karena Wu PT.jpg Karena Wu sees pro indoor and beach volleyball players nationwide and in the clinic. The physical therapists at ActiveCare have varied experience in multiple sports and activities. Her team specialize in sports specific rehabilitation emphasizing the kinetic chain and specific muscles based on individualized sports requirements.

ActiveCare specializes in the best therapeutic interventions for sports specific rehab. Weekend warriors, regular athletes and professional athletes all require patient education, individualized assessments and specific hands on and training sessions. We use the Graston Technique and cupping for different fascial restrictions that impede movement patterns. Our mobilizations free joint restrictions and a return to sports emphasizes deep stability and large muscle activation.

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