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Physical Therapy Services at ActiveCare

ActiveCare Physical Therapy offers patients a range of the best Physical Therapy treatments designed to meet each individual’s recovery needs. Treatment options include assessing which of the best manual therapies, Pilates rehabilitation exercises, McConnell and Kinesiology Taping, functional training and modalities would serve your needs to get you back in the game quickly.

Manual therapy has been shown to be the best Physical Therapy treatment. It is the use of the hands for joint mobilizations and soft tissue mobilization, which include myofascial or trigger point release. Soft tissue mobilization is done with the fingers, palms or elbows. Joint mobilization is the movement of the bones of a joint using positioning and application of an applied force through the hands or body of the therapist. This is the best way for a Physical Therapist to know what is going on with your tissues.

Pilates rehabilitation is the newest niche in Physical Therapy. We feel it is the best because it offers the integration of the core during therapeutic exercises as well as the application of lengthening while strengthening principles. It is a holistic approach to rehabilitation exercises. The best Physical Therapy exercise incorporates this whole body treatment and as such, technique of the exercise is emphasized to include all components of the injured body part, as well as the rest of the body in postural correction.

Functional training is our specialty. It is the application of exercises that mimics activities of daily living. It is also one of the Best Physical Therapy exercise techniques because it uses your own body weight and typically requires minimal to no additional exercise equipment. The exercises are multi-joint, multi-muscle exercises. They are primarily closed kinetic chain exercises where the distal extremity (hand or foot) is fixed. It is the best exercise prescription for those with a busy lifestyle as well as those without access to a gym facility.

Modalities and taping are the best adjuncts to Physical Therapy. They do not heal you, but they speed healing and assist with pain relief. The use of hot or cold packs, electrical stimulation and tape to address pain and inflammation, as well as movement mean you can heal more quickly. Modalities assist in increasing local circulation and reducing pain or inflammation. Taping techniques assist in muscle contraction, muscle relaxation, reduction in swelling or bracing or a joint. Both can add to your treatment so that you have the Best Physical Therapy experience.

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