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Kat Best

Kat Best-ACPT NutritionistAfter discovering her passion for fitness in college, Kat became a certified NASM Personal Trainer to motivate others to create consistent routines so they can feel the same life-changing benefits. Kat trained clients at a luxury boutique gym in NYC while pursuing multiple certifications to deepen her holistic education on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle factors that affect health and wellness. Kat graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association and became Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Her insatiable love for fitness and nutrition keeps her learning and making sure her clients are getting the most effective programming possible.

Throughout her career she has helped her clients build the fitness and nutrition habits to lose weight, build strength and stability, improve athletic performance, increase energy levels, balance hormones, improve gut health, eliminate emotional eating and yo-yo dieting, cook and meal prep on a regular basis and most importantly, quiet the self limiting beliefs that kept them from starting in the first place.

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