Best Physical Therapists in New York City
Best Physical Therapists in New York City
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ActiveCare Staff - Pilates

Kristen Barrett

Pilates Instructor

Kristen Barrett grew up in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona where she spent most of her time in the dance studio. Her passion for movement brought her to Arizona State University where she graduated suma cum laude with a B.F.A in Dance Education and a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication. Soon after graduation Kristen moved to NYC to pursue a career as a professional dancer. She had the joy of performing for a variety of artists including Chris Masters, Diane McCarthy, and Shandoah Goldman.

Less than 2 years into her dance journey Kristen herniated a disc in her lumbar spine. The severe pain in her back and pelvis was so unbearable that she had to stop all physical activity including dancing. She tried every medical treatment and therapy imaginable, but nothing provided long-term relief. Kristen was devastated, worried that she would be in pain forever and never dance again… until she discovered Pilates. Through lots of hard work, patience, and practice Pilates eliminated Kristen's pain and transformed her body making it stronger, healthier, and more expressive than ever before. It was this firsthand experience that inspired her to become a Pilates teacher.

Kristen completed both her comprehensive Pilates mat and Pilates equipment certifications from the Kane School of Core Integration in New York City. She is also an AFAA certified Primary Group Exercise instructor. Kristen teaches pilates mat and reformer group classes, pilates private sessions, and fitness classes at various studios and gyms throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. She is ecstatic to be joining the ActiveCare team where she can share the healing power of pilates with others. Kristen's goal is to help all of her clients achieve pain free, movement filled lives!

Flannery Gregg

Pilates Instructor

Flannery is a Pilates teacher, performer, and choreographer based in New York City. Originally from California, she studied cultural movement practices and dance at the University of California, Los Angeles. She graduated in 2010 with Summa Cum Laude honors. It was in college where she began researching anatomy, alignment, and ways of moving the body efficiently. Mat Pilates became one of the movement practices she studied as a way to prepare for dance performances. Flannery performed and worked in Los Angeles as a dancer and arts administrator before relocating to the East Coast in 2012.

Once in New York, she started to understand that if you live in and around the City there is a need for a great amount of physical exertion to function. She felt this when taking the subway stairs and walking the long avenues; the commuting city life is a highly physical one. To support her dance career and to better understand how to function in her body efficiently in a fast paced city, she decided to get her Pilates Certification. She found that Pilates can give people the tools to find their deeper muscles, their spinal alignment, their full breath, and an overall greater sense of awareness in their own bodies. Through her training at Ellie Herman Pilates in Brooklyn, Flannery researched classical, contemporary, and rehabilitative Pilates. She began to focus on how Pilates helps build healthier movement patterns, especially when recovering from injury or fatigue. She started as a Student Instructor in 2014 and was certified in 2015. She has since worked her way up to becoming a Senior/Rehabilitative Instructor. She teaches in Brooklyn and Manhattan and especially loves to work with people who are interested in gaining a better sense of their own anatomies and/or individuals who are using Pilates as a way to supplement their other daily activities which could be a sport or a five floor walk-up!

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