Best Physical Therapists in New York City
Best Physical Therapists in New York City
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ActiveCare Staff - Personal Trainer

Stephen Donald


Stephen Donald, ATC graduated from University of Delaware in 2014 where he acquired an impressive skill set from anatomy to advanced exercise physiology. A formidable education coupled with 16+ years of wrestling experience (both coaching and competing) has led to the development of strategically aggressive programs and a mindset of practicality.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training & Strength and Conditioning from The University of Delaware, and multiple years of experience in several prestigious physical therapy institutions. His clinical experience ranges from helping pediatric to geriatric clients in physical therapy settings to training elite athletes. He has also trained everything in between. Throughout all these experiences, he always strives to never stop learning and work smarter by drawing inspiration from as many sources as possible and challenging the norms of fitness.

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