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As the new Director of Education for SpiderTech, Karena is in charge of development of online, webinar and classroom education. Her role is to increase medical professional awareness, education and sales.

Kinesiology tape is one of the best new adjunct therapies. It is a continuous type of therapy that can help reduce pain, help speed up tissue healing, help fluid movement and help muscle activation during therapeutic exercise. It can also be used to enhance performance.

It is important that the tape stay on for up to 5 days. Therefore, it is important to use a high quality tape that is not irritating and does not have early peel off. Clinician application skills are crucial as well. If the proper skin preparation is not performed, you can have both increased irritation as well as early peel off. SpiderTech offers the highest quality grade material in kinesiology tape from the original Japanese manufacturer.

SpiderTech is the best tape on the market for rehabilitation. They also have a Gentle line for the small population that is sensitive to the hypoallergenic tape. The staff at ActiveCare believe that SpiderTech is the best kinesiology tape to use with our patients. We pride ourselves on being the best and think you should get the best products as well.

Click on each video below to listen to Karena explain SpiderTech's techniques of application.

SpiderTech Webinar: Neck Application, September 25, 2014

SpiderTech Webinar: NSM Neurosensory, August 21, 2014

SpiderTech Webinar: NSM Microcirculatory, July 10, 2014

SpiderTech Webinar: NSM Structural, June 5, 2014